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treeclimbing Climbing trees
torch repair Fixing my torch Videogame about my neighbors cat
homebrew Making beer at home
genetic algorithm Genetic algorithm designs a car
phd writing Writing a PhD thesis
ship of theseus Bikes and metaphysics
xmas Linux powered Christmas tree
dishrack Making a dish rack
catapults Making catapults
pylon Comic from 2016
goldfish Goldfish play drums
spws Single-pixel weather station
hosting from rpi Hosting this site
quantum graphs DIY multitouch surface


abp Simulating big quantum states in Python
lojs Quantum optics simulator
permanent CPython extension to compute the permanent
milchlode 4-channel loop pedal in ChucK, used here
spectrogram Embed images in audio, just like Aphex Twin


Generating, manipulating and measuring entanglement and mixture with a reconfigurable photonic circuit P. J. Shadbolt, M. R. Verde, A. Peruzzo, A. Politi, A. Laing, M. Lobino, J. C. F. Matthews and J. L. O'Brien - Nature Photonics / BBC News / arXiv
Testing foundations of quantum mechanics with photons P. J. Shadbolt, J. C. F. Matthews, A. Laing and J. L. O'Brien - Nature Physics / arXiv
A variational eigenvalue solver on a quantum processor A. Peruzzo, J. McClean, P. Shadbolt, M-H. Yung, X-Q. Zhou, P. J. Love, A. Aspuru-Guzik, and J. L. O'Brien - Nature Communications / arXiv
Guaranteed violation of a Bell inequality without aligned reference frames or calibrated devices P. J. Shadbolt, T. Vertesi, Y. C. Liang, C. Branciard, N. Brunner and J. L. O'Brien - Scientific Reports / arXiv
Universal Linear Optics Jacques Carolan et al. - Science / arXiv