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Generating, manipulating and measuring entanglement and mixture with a reconfigurable photonic circuit
P. J. Shadbolt, M. R. Verde, A. Peruzzo, A. Politi, A. Laing, M. Lobino, J. C. F. Matthews and J. L. O’Brien
Nature Photonics, BBC News, arXiv

Testing foundations of quantum mechanics with photons
P. J. Shadbolt, J. C. F. Matthews, A. Laing and J. L. O’Brien
Nature Physics, arXiv

A variational eigenvalue solver on a quantum processor
A. Peruzzo, J. McClean, P. Shadbolt, M-H. Yung, X-Q. Zhou, P. J. Love, A. Aspuru-Guzik, and J. L. O’Brien
Nature Communications, arXiv

Guaranteed violation of a Bell inequality without aligned reference frames or calibrated devices
P. J. Shadbolt, T. Vertesi, Y. C. Liang, C. Branciard, N. Brunner and J. L. O’Brien
Scientific Reports, arXiv

Universal Linear Optics
Jacques Carolan et al.
Science, arXiv

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